You can order sheets chosen from the collections which can be accessed on this page or from the catalogue, depending on availability (which will be indicated during ordering; generally 1 sheet).


The photographs are not legally binding (see. Article 10 of the General Conditions of Sale).


We have employed a professional photographer to ensure the highest possible  quality and a reproduction of colours which is as close to reality as possible. However, the result depends on screen calibration!


Shipping costs: €25


Delivery times 3 to 5 days (see Article 6 of the General Conditions of Sale).


You can also order a tailor-made product for a specific project.


The type of paper and the hues could thus be chosen depending on your preferences and the samples (leathers, linens...) which you will have taken the trouble to send to us.


Price and deadlines to be agreed depending on quantity and number of print cycles necessary.


Contact us for more information.



*photography credit: Dominique PICHARD / P-Mod


The collections

 Sinusoids, Mosaics ...

Can be accessed via the french menu "Les collections" above.


All sheets (unless otherwise stated) are in Raisin format (50cmx65cm).



Logos and types of paper

PEL: Cloudy paper, imitating parchment, its particular characteristics being its great resistance to bending, its excellent bonding ability, its resistance to scuffing and to rubbing. It is washable, treated against smudging and is well able to withstand humidity. 110g/m²



Efalin: linen-like lightfast paper. Good bonding ability, folding ability and tearing ability. It withstands humidity extremely well.  120g/m²






Notice :

Buy 10 sheets, get an 11th for free!


(enter reduction code: “La 11ème offerte” [“11th for free”] into the payment form)